It only took me 10 years...

It only took me 10 years since I found Xojo… but I am happy to say… I have booked XDC 2019!! :slight_smile:

It “only” took e 10 years too… and I have to say: I wish I could have made it before! Hope to see you un Miami!

We are so glad you made it this year, Javier!! See you in Miami!

Looking forward to meeting you, Rich!

took me 12 years to make it to my first XDC, but only one year to get to my second :slight_smile:

Same here. Amazing information and totally worth the time. Hoping to make the next one.

Now that it is a new year, we have seen some more XDC registrations coming in - several new first time attendees! XDC is 117 days away - post here if you’re coming! If you are not yet registered, you can do so here!

Like the others, it took me a while to decide to spend the $$ for my first XDC. Since then, it’s been something I look forward to every year. So much to learn, new friends to meet and this year maybe even a bit of beach time!

My first time as an attendee and a presenter. Very excited about meeting people in person after so many years on the forum.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Yes to beach time, I need sunshine! :slight_smile: