Issue with Web app Images

I’m also encountering an issue with images in my Xojo web app.

First issue:
I’m using WebToolbars with buttons and the buttons have icons. The icons on the buttons are perfectly ok in debug mode running locally. I compiled my app for Linux and deployed the app on my server. The app is running but not a single icon is shown on my WebToolbar Buttons.

I have toolbars without captions on my buttons, so the size of the buttons is pretty much set to zero in that case.

Example on local system



Same in compiled web app.



The same goes for all my other WebToolbars in this app and a WebImageView on my login screen.

Is there a special secret I need to know for making things work? Thank you very much in advance.

The pictures are included with resources folder for the web app?
Or maybe just missing?

All my pictures are in the resources folder for the web app. I checked that first. It is one thing, when the picture is not there. What I’m wondering about is: In the HTML snippet of the web app there is no image source at all … So obviously there isn’t even a try to show an image?

i remember i had a issue with hi dpi i not add images to other resolutions, so image was just transparent.

Ooops, we found the problem!

Finally we used the “daemonize” command to put the app into the background. That did work - but killed the images completely. After we removed the suggested code snippet (found in the documentation) it worked like a charm. Now we use the “&” to daemonize again.

Now question stays open if this is a bug or if this behaviour is intentional. Is “daemonize” to be used for console Apps only?

Thank you all,
Chritine & Michael