Issue with web 2.0 canvas

My project is 1 line long. It has ‘MyImage’ dropped in to the left pane of the project. In WebPage1, I have Canvas1 with a single line in Paint

(Paint Event) Paint(g as WebGraphics)

In Web 1.0, it works. The browser opens and shows the image.
In Web 2.0, it doesn’t work. If I wait 30 seconds, do a browser refresh, I see the image.

Does anyone have advice on what am I doing wrong, and how do I get it to work?

This is working instantly for me … could it be that your Image is very, very large? On top of that there is a similar discussion here: Webcanvas. not drawing image web 2.0

My image is 264 KB. Is that too big?

Suppose I need an image that is too big. Their must be a way to know when the image is finished downloading, then activate the canvas? Or to throw up a progress bar and wait?

Nope, that’s a small picture and should work. Can you please post your code or share your project? I think that’s the only way to test if the issue is in your code or not.