Issue with replacing deprecated SDK methods

Issue with replacing deprecated SDK methods

Often I implement a SetFocus method in my plugin controls

Then I may or may not call the internal SetFocus or delay it or do whatever.

Issue is if I use REALLoadObjectMethod to replace the deprecated REALSetControlFocus then I am just going to get my own method and not the super class method that I actually want to call internally.

So question is is there something obvious I am missing ?

Write a feedback case for REALLoadSuperObjectMethod?

or for time being create a dummy RectControl with REALnewInstance and query it’s SetFocus method?

I will write ticket. - 38010

And probably just use the Deprecated one for now, some portion of the deprecated ones have issues like that where their deprecation was not thought out well or not at all. So if removing them their just gonna have a whole lot of plugins not working.

Though good thing is that a lot more is working now than when most of them were deprecated back then. When I made attempt then to stop use most of them then almost nothing was replaceable.

I hope before they release a new SDK, the SDK goes into a beta test, so we can give feedback and maybe have some things changed before a final version ships…
I hate all those IFs for different Xojo versions.

I try to not support to far down. Is not just the if’s but also the test matrix gets insane, all the platforms, all the versions, all the OS versions. So in a way plugins that were released back then at the time of those old versions of Real Studio is always peoples best bet if using old Real Studio.

Because sometimes people have to support Old OSes and so need to use old IDE versions, it would be good if those that buy your plugins get access to the old versions… Then supporting old version of Xojo/RB becomes less of an issue, even if they miss out on new features or those OSes.

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