Issue with ColorGroups

There is an annoying behavior with the Xojo IDE: it resets ColorGroups randomly to the black color or the opacity to 100%. I cannot reproduce it because it’s completely random. It sometimes happens after I saved the project or after I saved and then debugged. Does anybody experience the same? So far I’ve seen this behavior only on iOS projects.

Haven’t seen it yet on iOS. I’m super happy that ColorGroups now work with SF Symbol system images in the latest release.

It happens and some time also on desktop project.
But it is random so it’s difficult to create a useful feedback

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I’m glad I’m not the only one because at times I thought I was going crazy.

We have has this before, but we noticed the values changed in git (xojo_project) and undone those changes manually. Since in binary projects you won’t notice that at all, it will just go unnoticed until… now…
I believe there was a bug were saves where written from &c… to &h… in the project files. It may have something to do with that bug or it could be something different. (note that &c is read &cRRGGBBAA and &h may reverse the value AABBGGRR)

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It’s not only happening on ColorGroups. I now have it in an iOS project where randomly the edge in the auto-layout changes from “Baseline” to “Vertical Center”. It’s completely random but it happens to ALL controls where I have set “Baseline”. Extremely annoying because it’s so random I cannot reproduce it with certainty.

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