ISPconfig with Xojo WebApp

Hi, i try to use Xojo Web App with ISPConfig running on ubuntu 20.4.

could you help me ? what i have to do ?


Which features of ISPConfig are you using? Depending on what features you need, I may have a different solution that is built to support Xojo Web apps running next to regular web sites.

Thank’s Tim,

i use standard ISPconfig as a noob.

the configuration is ISPconfig 3.2.7, with ubuntu 20.4 and apache 2

i create a service for responding to a domain e.g on standard http port.

i create a 'xojo" directory in the /web where i put the xojo web app.

i test the app with launching it manually e.g. ./mywebapp --port=9000 and all seems Ok

Now i want to connect my app to ISPconfig vhost.

what i have to do ?

It sounds like your next step is to configure the Apache vhost to act as a reverse proxy for your web app running on port 9000.

If you’re not using features like email or MySQL, I made a web server management app that specializes in deploying Xojo Web apps. It’s called Lifeboat and makes deploying Xojo Web apps a few clicks. You can even host regular websites on the same server using the Static Files features.

thank’s Tim,

i use e-mail and MySQL and FTP.

Ah then Lifeboat may not be a solution for you.