Is XOJO Just as powerful as C#?

Hi all,

I’ve been looking into Xamarin, as well.

I do have some C# knowledge already.

I wanted to know, before I do more:

Is XOJO Just as powerful as C# as far as the language goes?

I love all that XOJO has to offer, as well as it’s cross-platform support.

I am looking into Xamarin, but I first wanted to ask her if XOJO is a powerful language / can accomplish many of the tasks an application written in C# can.

Responses would be greatly appreciated.

Grab a free download & have a try with it yourself.
You can edit, save & run projects all you want in the free version.

I’ve not touched C# is so long I really can’t comment

Okay, thanks.

Now, generally speaking - Can I develop an application to do the majority of things that C# will enable me to do, in XOJO?

I realize you haven’t used C# in so long, but I wanted to know if you could make a comment, based on what you know… being if you believe XOJO is just as powerful of a language as C#.

Perhaps the best answer is the list of things people HAVE made using it

Now this list is all things in the Mac App Store

And FWIW the IDE itself is written in Xojo

I’m not sure what the question really is. What criteria are you using to decide how “powerful” a language is, Mitchell? What kinds of projects are you considering?

Norman -

Thanks! That REALLY answers my question for me… XOJO is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Brad, I am developing an application that stores personal records / scans, of which are medically related. More so interested in encryption classes that may/may not be built in.

If it isn’t built in, I have no problem writing my own class to implement an existing form of encryption, such as blowfish.

I have knowledge of multiple languages, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve been playing around in XOJO… and am enjoying myself.

I was a bit skeptical about XOJO’s capabilities until I had seen Norman’s posting, of which listed MANY applications in the App Store that were written in XOJO. That being said, if that many applications have been written and are published / sold in the App Store, I doubt I’ll have any trouble with my application, and the such… even if I have to write my own XOJO Class for handling strong encryption.

Thanks or everything.

As far as powerful, I was more so talking about built in classes / functions / libraries.

There are plug-ins that will give you encryption (see the Einhugur and MBS plugins), and various database flavors (like SQLite) have encryption built-in.

Great… Thanks!

Out of curiosity, how are plug-ins written?

[quote=49630:@Mitchell Barney]Great… Thanks!

Out of curiosity, how are plug-ins written?[/quote]
In a language like C/C++ etc that can create a standard DLL / dylib that calls into the Plugin SDK to register itself with the IDE.
The SDK is included in the Extras directory next to the IDE.
See Extras > Plugin SDK.
Some authors in the community have written articles on “How TO”

Much appreciated.