Is Xojo iOS 11 Ready?

There appears to some hype about API changes and enforced 64 bit functionality. Does anyone know if Xojo is fully 64 bit on the iOS side and can avoid the “appocolypse”?

Xojo iOS apps have been “fat binaries” for a very long time now containing both 32 and 64 bit code
iOS 11 wont support 32 bit ONLY apps

Good to know. Thank you!!!

Yes, but will we need to run the simulator with iOS 10?

With the iOS simulator you can install numerous versions of the simulators
So its not that hard to have iOS 9, 10 and 11 devices set up to test with

Xojo isn’t compatible yet with the iOS 11 beta simulator.

Is that because Xojo creates a 32-bit debug app for the iOS Simulator or for some other reason?

Apple decided with Xcode 9 to change how certain tools we rely on are started & where they are located