Is XOJO.COM broken?

So I got the flyer in the mail about the 20% discount and as by license expires later this month, I decided to take advantage of it and navigated to the website.

  • After login, I noticed that I needed to update my email address, so I did and received the message that the changes have been saved. I logged out and back in to check it and it still shows the old email address. I have done it a few times now, each time getting an acknowledgement that the changes were saved, but the old address is still there when I log back in.

  • Then I hit the renewal button to find that the price being taken for the renewals is the same as the price for a full new license less the 20% discount. Are renewals now charged the same as new licenses or is there a problem there too?

Xojo Inc. for a few years charges the same price for a year whether you are new customer or updating.

You should write to with questions.

OK, I have sent an email to My account is now royally screwed! In the meantime I got emails to confirm the new address which I did, but the old one still remains and bonus I now get an error message that the new email address is being used by another user.

I just responded to your email, you should be all set now. Contact us at if you experience any further issues.