is Xojo a good starter platform for noobs?

Before I dive into Xojo, I want to address that my only experience in development is Filemaker at this point. I want to learn Xojo, but hear a lot of “If you want to start correctly, do Xcode and Swift.” I don’t know which route to take? Obviously, this is a Xojo forum, so bias may be there…but why should I go the Xojo route and alternately, why shouldn’t I?

If I whish what ‘noods’ are, I would probably say: YES.
(since Xojo is appropriate for most programmers, unfortunately some don’t even know)

FileMaker is not a traditional development environment so there are some very different concepts at play here. Frankly, learning Xojo means not having to bother with Swift, but that’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself later. For now, yes, Xojo is a good environment to learn in, but you will need some supporting material in order to “get it”. The Xojo docs are good but first you will need to learn the concepts behind object-oriented development.

Take it slow and don’t expect to recreate what you can do in FileMaker immediately. You can get there, but only in steps.

[quote=230593:@Joost Rongen]If I whish what ‘noods’ are, I would probably say: YES.
(since Xojo is appropriate for most programmers, unfortunately some don’t even know)[/quote]

And yes, it’s good for noobs particularly with the new license scheme as you don’t have to invest any cash to try it out.

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