Is Weblistbox Multi Select Impossible on mobile?

You used to be able to return true to keep previous selection on the weblistbox. Now pressing a cell on mobile always deselects previous selections.

What version of Xojo?

Introduced in Xojo 202o R1 Row Selection Types

the latest version 2021 r1.1

Really missing control sets…

I would come up with another solution however the weblistbox will scroll back to the top if you mess with the style. Really annoying on long lists where you need to make multiple selections.

I have lots of difficulties to multi select a weblistbox even on a desktop browser, so on a mobile…

I hope things turn around for Web 2.0, I feel like 1.0 was more RAD. I switched to a container control of checkboxes that I iterate using ControlAt. It still scrolls the background page to the bottom before the container control on my dialog will start scrolling down.