Is this the best forum on the wwweb?

I am prompted by Brad Hutchings thread regarding a bit of angst and animosity with other members of this forum. I have been a member of a BMW, computer hardware, microprocessor and anodising forums over the years and I can say that this forum by far has the most polite and time generous members contributing to it. Ask a naive, or “dumb” question on most other forums and you will get treated like a leper or class clown. In fact I think that most members are so helpful that one must be careful not to inadvertently replace the Xojo help files with this forum. I still believe in the RTFM philosophy. In short what I am saying that despite the occasional minor flareup and misunderstanding, this forum has got to be one of the best on the Internet. It is more a tribute to its users and contributors that to its creator. I would encourage Brad H to eat a big slice of humble pie and continue his appreciated contributions here.

While I will certainly miss Brad’s contribution to this forum, I do not think it is appropriate to ask him to eat a slice of humble pie. Regardless whether you or I think he is right or wrong in the way he does things, he and he only can decide to participate or not in this forum. We (all the rest of us) just don’t have anything to say about that. We can say that we miss his valuable contribution, but we just don’t have any right to question his decision to be here or not.

Yes, I will miss Brad’s contribution. No, I do not like bickering or word fights on the forum. Remember that one cannot fight alone, there has to be someone else to fight with. I feel that this is all I or anyone else have a right to say on this topic.

Other thread has been locked when I was writing. I post here.

Waouwww, I didn’t know how you reach that point of angry.

Sincerely, I’m really sorry for both of you. :frowning:
I don’t speak and write english well enough to understand all of your “abuse”. The others members understand but don’t have the time to. And those who have the time don’t want to. And what could we do anyway ?
Ask to ban one of you? Ask to ban the two? We don’t want to, any of us I think.

Even if you speak French (like me), and even if you were my friends for a long date and then I know well both of you, I wouldn’t take part. I’m sure others members think the same. We can’t judge, and it wouldn’t be nice to judge you.

I just feel bad for you. I hope you will “turn the page” (of a book, French expression to say forget and do something else).

One cannot fight alone, but one can abuse alone. And I’m sick of being abused.

I suggested temporary bans on posting rights (not reading), and I’m happy to be banned too if this will help the forum. I suggested as much in an email to Geoff even though it will hit me harder than better programmers.



I understand your point, but this would have been a better quote. I am neither supporting, nor condemning either side. There is obviously more going on than I am aware. Abuse is wrong. And this forum is the wrong place to have a fight. My intent was certainly not to pour oil on the fire, but somehow, it seems that I did. So I am muting this thread also. I will let better and wiser people conclude.