Is this likely to be possible?

As part of a change to my app, I worked up some replacement methods based on new data structures and database tables. Some of these I could slot in so they’d be picked up when I made the changeover, but some others were going to give compile errors at that stage, so I hid them in a module, and marked them as “Do not include in Desktop 64bit”, and moved on.

Later, of course, when I moved these to their final location, I kept getting, at compile time, “This item does not exist”, although manifestly it did. Things got better only when I remembered what I’d done ealier.

Is it likely to be possible that for a method that exists but for which one has excluded compilation, that the error message could say “This item exists but compilation has not been done”, or similar?

If you mark it as “do not include in 64 Bit Desktop” then the compiler error “This item does not exist” is 100% correct.

If you need a placeholder, perhaps include the method but do something like this at the top:

#if TargetDesktop and Target64Bit then
  #pragma Error "Implement this"

Error will prevent the compile, and the outer flags will make that only happen for 64 bit desktop.


Thanks - that should be good enough.