Is this a memory leak in the IDE ? 2021R1.1

I was doing some testing and opened the activity monitor, it seems something is terribly wrong here or i’m being misled?

What is causing 39,00 GB of memory (geheugen) usage?

Here a screenshot after restarting xojo (same plugins etc):

Makes some difference … 30 GB difference?

Here is the complete list: virtual memory is 71 GB in this case ?

Why is this never cleaned, it’s always growing. It also seems to slow down the ide tremedously the bigger the number (ing GB) the slower everything becomes.

I suspect that the undo engine plays a part in the growing memory usage over time (amongst other things).

it could be a cache but it’s too much for a single project to grow… it just can’t be… right?

Xojo always had memory leaks. It was far better when the app was more unstable

Intel or ARM?


Can you launch Xojo, do some steps to cause it and maybe provide steps to reproduce?

Just compile alot of times, the value will keep growing forever… in 10 minutes i’m a 16GB virtual memory… keeps growing still…

Yes i use plugins, yes i compile alot. No i’m not gonna quit xojo after every compile.
Xojo should simply cleanup caches automaticly that are never to be used again if it’s such cache that is showing.
The ide becomes slower and slower if the value is higher… and it seems to use more and more disk activity…

By default i save alot CMD+S so it may have something to do with it.

After only starting the IDE 2021R1.1 … 16Gb already ?

FWIW, I’m seeing nothing like that on 2021R1.1. I only have the Einhugur (free) TypeLib and MBS Util and Graphics Magic plugins installed, though none of them are being used on the current project.

I wonder if it has to do with your plugins? Maybe try removing them one at a time to see if you can isolate?

Here’s what my memory usage looks like (iMac Intel 6-core i7, w/8GB RAM)

MBS Plugins from (21.1 PR7)

Einhugur (downloaded around 2021-04-20)

And the chilkat plugin:

It could be plugins, but still there is nothing in the IDE that notifies or detects such leak. it just keeps going forever…

With MBS 212 still growing…

Remember you can always grab Plugins Pro to try and help manage your plugins :slight_smile:
Enable and disable plugins or sets without uninstalling, check for updates, all the good stuff.