Is there no way to import an external object as external?


I’ve got a few external objects that I’d like to keep completely external. It’d seem that I can only import them and they are then converted into internal copies of the external objects. That’s no good at all. I want to be able to update the external objects in isolation and then have the updated class get externally loaded again the next time I open the project.

It’s simply no good having to import and then convert back to external all the time. Imagine if I had 10+ projects all using the same external classes. Do I have to go through the process of opening and importing then exporting each of them every time I make a change?

On the Mac, drag your external object into the project while holding down command-option. The object will show up in italics and will remain external. Any edits will be made to the external object and will affect all the projects that share that object in the same way.

On Windows, I think it’s control-shift. (Someone posted this the other day, but I just don’t recall the keys.)

Thanks Kem.