Is There Encrypted File Zipping?

I was told to switch from MBS Zip over to the built in zipping that was added in 2023 R3. However, I was previously encrypting the zipped files and then decrypting them when unzipping. Is there a way to use Xojo zip methods with encryption and unzip with decryption? Im not finding any information on it. Thanks for any help?

Why switch?
If our plugin works fine, just continue to use it.

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It looks like that’s planned for the next release:

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It has worked great. My boss just instructed me to try to move away from all plugins I could. The last plugin I was using was compression. I guess the theory is that the less plugins there are, the less chance of something breaking and less renewal fees when something like this comes up again.

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Sorry to hear.

2000+ classes available and only compression for in there for you guys?

Let me know if we could provide a feature that would be worth using a plugin.

Hi @Jeffery_Lemons , I’m not sure what OS your solution is running on, but I’ve been using shell commands to unzip my password protected zip files as part of a product updater I ship out. I haven’t trying zipping them (yet) via the shell, but I’m sure there’s a way to do that. So potentially you could use XOJO to create the zipped and pwd protected file using shell commands.

Which makes me wonder whether adding Zip support to Xojo was worth it (since there are already existing solutions). There are others, better things to improve in Xojo.

Im using it on the Xojo cloud which does not have all that built in. I need the zip to be part of Xojo, which is why I put in a request for it. Thanks everyone for the information.

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