Is there any reason why Xojo.Threading.Thread is not in the library ?

The title says it all. Sure, one can drag a generic object onto the view or iOSContainerControl and make its super Thread, but it would be more comfortable to have it there ready to use, like timer.


Good idea.
But a lot of things are not in the library.

[quote=294878:@Christian Schmitz]Good idea.
But a lot of things are not in the library.[/quote]
It’s in all of the other project types though. It’s missing from iOS.

Global.Thread is, but Xojo.Threading.Thread is not. Either an oversight, or because the new framework variant is only available to iOS.

I mean, if such a minor and easy addition is not carried out, why bother entering feature requests at all ?

I am referring specifically to iOS, where only Xojo.Threading.Thread is available.

Michel is referring to a Thread “control”, which is in the Library of all the other types of project, but not iOS. Seems like an odd omission that could be easily fixed.

I know. You said it was in all other project types. Global.Thread is in all other project types, but Xojo.Threading.Thread isn’t in any. It’s just semantics, but they aren’t the same class.

Very true.

None of the new framework controls are in Desktop and Web Library anyway.