is there any Mac App Store best practice paper ?


is there such a paper like this, containing : store your datas in this folder, never store in this folder or the app will be rejected
don’t call these framework routines … etc

same question for iOS Store.



After looking at some of the promoted apps on the App Store, I can add these:

  1. Don’t use Apple’s own tools.
  2. Don’t use Apple’s own HIG.
  3. Make your application 50mb + just to apply an effect to a photo.
  4. Don’t use a Mac, the preferable choice is Windows with QT or some other junk.
  5. Don’t include any help or documentation, point the user to your own site and offer to sell them the same application at a discounted price.
  6. Write stuff on your website about how either is dead or how to make your own hackintosh.
  7. Steal user’s e-mail address from their machine (it’s not difficult and can be done from a Sandboxed application), when people complain, state it’s a bug and release a fix.
  8. Spam those users the instant you’ve obtained their e-mail address.
  9. Don’t beta test your application, let paying customers do this for you (okay even Apple do this now).
  10. Don’t optimize your application, you can sell version 2 when you have time to optimize.
  11. Go to WWDC and hook up with an App Store reviewer and agree to pay them if they get your app promoted.

Joking apart all of the above are things you shouldn’t do, yet I’ve witnessed with promoted applications on the App Store.