Is there any Lookup editor control available ?

Is it possible to create a lookup editor control like this

Basically I need to search a list of data based on the user entered in the textfiled. I tried to create this using a container control and listbox. but the listbox is bleeding through and the controls behind the listbox is showing up.

I’m pretty sure Axel Schneider has an example like this …

You could also paint a white rectangle in the backgroundpaint event of the listbox. Might stop the bleeding.

Which system ? Windows ? Mac ?

I need it on Windows

Indeed on Windows stacking controls leads to bleed through.

Instead of a Container Control, you could use a Floating Window. But that is a bit complex to interact with.

I am at this moment implementing an Excel-style suggestion menu, so I look into this as well. So far the simplest solution I found was to display a contextual menu in CellClick :

[code]Function CellClick(row as Integer, column as Integer, x as Integer, y as Integer) As Boolean
dim base as new MenuItem

base.append(New MenuItem(“Import”))
base.append(New MenuItem(“Export”))
base.append(New MenuItem(“Cut”))
base.append(New MenuItem(“Copy”))
base.append(New MenuItem(“Paste”))

Dim m as MenuItem
m=Base.Popup(System.MouseX-X, System.MouseY-y+me.RowHeight)

Msgbox m.text // Here you can use the result of the menu.
End Function

@Jean-Yves_Pochez - Perhaps you were referring to the control here?

[quote=284876:@Anthony Dellos]@Jean-Yves_Pochez - Perhaps you were referring to the control here?[/quote]
Combobox can be used to show only one column. I need to show multiple columns.

it’s not difficult to look at this example and extend it to multiple comboboxes.