Is there an easy way to DragReorderRows in Web App?

I’m using a WebListBox and would like to give the user the ability to move a row up/down and reorder the rows. The WebListBox contains a list of ‘steps’, and rather than force the user to delete and re-add steps in order to put them in the right sequence it seems more intuitive to allow a dragging of rows to change their order. It seems that the Desktop version of ListBox has this feature - is there any similar functionality in Web?

I don’t think it’s possible.
I did it but using the websdk, and building a bootstrap table, some javascript to drag the rows
I needed it a year ago and I didn’t figure how to do it with the weblistbox at the time.
they need to add this feature to the xojo web framework though…

It seems to be missing the dragReorderRows event and other drag-related ones.

Checking back over my issues history from 3 years ago it was in the test version but was removed before release, probably due to numerous bugs being found late in its implementation even though it was scheduled to be used in the “new feedback system” which would have needed that functionality.

I couldn’t find a way to do it in a web app, so added a up/down arrows to move the selected rows:

GraffitiGrid for Web supports row reordering.


Hi Anthony, thanks for the reminder! I think it’s time I stop making such ugly web apps and get on board with your elegant Graffiti Suite :+1:t2:

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Okay, for now I’ll consider it “can’t be done easily or with WebList functionality” and tackle it with Graffiti or array manipulation. Thanks everyone!