Is there a Printable Manual?

Is there a printable manual for Xojo? This would be along the lines of printed manuals you used to get with regular programming language software like Visual BASIC or Borland Pascal.
I find it really frustrating to have to jump from web page to web page to look something up!
I see that you can look at printable versions of small subsections - but I haven’t been able to find a full-up PDF of Xojo.

It’s included with your Xojo installation. Check the Documentation folder for Xojo Documentation.pdf

Edit: Oop! I was not aware they have stopped including this.

I don’t believe there is in the latest releases, but you can always right-click links in the documentation and open in a new tab. I usually have 3-4 tabs of Xojo docs open when I’m working on something new.

Apple’s Books App/Store has a set of 4 Xojo User Guide books for free, although I’m sure they’re not kept up to date with all the changes, they’d be a good place for beginners to start.

I would pay $100.00 for a document set with a spiral binding. I wouldn’t hesitate.

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There is a pdf named Xojo Documentation.pdf in the Xojo 2019r1.1 dmg (for macOS). Probably the same in the exe / Linux archives…

There is a nice and up to date pdf document called “Introduction to Programming Xojo Textbook

I’ve checked, it’s up to date for API 2.0.
@Chris Berardi It’s free and you can create your own "dead tree"version of this document.