Is there a plugin for OpenERP

I am new to Xojo. Does anyone know if there is anything out there that connects Xojo with OpenERP???

None that I’m aware of - but then I’m not aware of EVERYTHING thats out there

However their docs suggest its accessible using XML-RPC which IS something that can be done in Xojo

Can someone point me in the right direction to learn how to do XML-RPC.

Have you had a look at From the examples the Python code is the one similar to Xojo code.

There is currently a discussion about the Mailchimp Api, which is also similar to what you want to do.

Regarding the docs have a look at the Xojo http socket.


You can connect to the db using postgresql from xojo and read or write data

odoo’s api pages says that this is not recommended
The very first thing on that page is
[i]Working with Web Services

Given the architecture of OpenERP, it is not possible to reliably access the database with the PostgreSQL client or through a direct connection method such as ODBC. Fortunately, OpenERP provides a very comprehensive set of web services that allow you to do everything through standard protocols.[/i]

It is generally not recommended to connect directly to an ERP database. Often, transactions update many different tables. It is just too easy to corrupt the data when bypassing the ERP transactions. SAP also strongly recommends to use its various tools (RFC, web services, etc.) rather than connecting directly to the database.