Is there a new Xml Class?

Is there a new Xml Class built in into Xojo? Autocomplete shows a new class.

Var d As New Xml ' What does Xml class do?

Unfortunately, the debugger does not show any info about the class.

Are you sure that is no some kind of namespace, e.g. a module?

Yes, no plugins, no libs, nothing. Just an empty new Xojo Project with this single line of code.

Seems incomplete, following the manual, probably it should be XMLDocument or XMLNode

I know XmlDocument exists :wink: Just asking myself if the Autocomplete entry is a bug. @Greg_O_Lone

Seems just a bug, because it does not trigger autocomplete options for an instance (ellipses … ), nor triggers a named call for help (help for “word”) right clicking on it.


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