Is there a much better report designer?

Report builder in Xojo is “bad” and thats putting it nicely. Some issues I have are, multiple selects on various fields and next thing you know, they shoot across the canvas and I have to reposition. Or, I try to select a line I added but for some reason its not letting me select it but it selects a different line so I cannot reposition the line I’m trying to select. Then the speed…very slow.


Do you need a designer, a generator or both?

I have no need for an actual designer. I output the reports as AsciiDoc files and use command line utilities to generate PDF, EPUB, HTML, etc from them.

The reports are fact sheets etc for investment funds. They contain text, graphs, tabular data etc and can be downloaded by the general public.

it would be nice to have an all in one solution. For now I’ll finish up the project using the reports designer that comes with Xojo. In the back of my head I’ll see if there are alternatives that I can put together quickly, IE: HTML reports. I’m basically creating an invoice, only 1 image and the rest is lines (of course) and text.

i create html report and use wkhtmltopdf to generate the html to pdf


yea…I was thinking I would create it in html and then convert it. Didnt know what exactly I would use to convert it, but there it is! Thank you!