Is there a maximum (recommended) sockets?

Hello everyone,

Is there a maximum sockets or maximum recommended sockets? I am looking at an app that could have a could dozen and was wondering if I should just add # to a pool and have the various parts use the common pool or let each one have its own. Before you ask not all sockets will be active at once. They are used to get updated info from APIs as needed. Some of them will run on a schedule.

Thanks and I apologie for the typeos this am, on a bus where the driver is trying to hit every bump and pot hole in the road on my way to XDC…


Outbound? Hard to say without profiling the framework (theoretical in windows is 65535, actual will vary) but if its only a dozen, giving each one their own should be fine, “I doubt there’s much overhead*”. *Famous last words :wink:

I would think so too but I never know and wanted to ask the experts before going down the road. And I know there are several people here that have pushed the new framework sockets (much more than I have)

You may find that if they all target the same server that the server itself will throttle the connections, effectively making the later sockets just wait.