Is there a deprecation tool?

Hello all,

Is there a tool that one can use to scan a project and list all of the items that are both missing (cannot find), are depreciated, or are in the process of depreciation?

This would be really really helpful since going from say a 2012 project to a 2015 project, there are LOTS of changes. So something that produced a text output or similar that show the item, its location and recommended change to use the most current form, would be fantastic.

Does such a beast exist? If so where?


Hi Tim,

I get an eye onArbed and found nothing specialized.

Then, I realized… that you can do that by yourself using the list of deprecated stuff from the docs web site and issuing a serie of searches in your project.

For a one time operation, I will not spend more time. If you have many more (old) projects to scans, drop a mail to Thomas: this may be a good addition for its Arbed application.


In the “Project” menu there is a command “Analyze Project”. It will show you all elements which are deprecated.

You can also mark elements of your code as deprecated. Choose an element (for example a method called “Untitled”), go to the properties panel on the right, choose the gear button. You will see a listbox called “Attributes”. Enter the following:

Name = deprecated // no quotes Value = "BetterMethod" // surround with double quotes
When you analyze the project, you will see this:

Window1.Open, line 1 - Untitled is deprecated. You should use BetterMethod instead.

Fwiw, you can also enter a deprecated attribute with no value if there is no replacement.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback. I forgot about the analyize, so that should take care of depreciated. Is there a way to get a list of missing, cannot find etc so I know in advance before launch of IDE or launch IDE and get a list of missing without having to go find each one on the fly. I have a feeling this is going to be large, since my HD has been changed since the last time I used xojo.


When you open your project the IDE does for you and lists them all
The list of deprecations is long and depending on hopw old your project is will vary
See or

Thanks Norman,

I do not know if this is worth the development time, but what about a way to save that list (in any form: copy/paste, a button…) ?

Click drag copy & paste exist in your browser
The second link you can get a pdf of