Is there a colorpicker in Web Edition

I want to add a colorpicker in my web edition so i can let user change the background color

There are a number of third party ones, but not anything built into the framework.

Hi Tim,
i have 3rd party one. Can you let me which one has the colorpicker?

GraffitiSuite has one,
Jeremie Leroy has one,
yui2ColorPicker from Web Custom Controls

i have Web Custom Controls . i can try that out. thanks Tim

just found out i have Jeremie Leroy too from OmegaBundle 2014…

That’s one of those “hey look I found a tenner in my pocket!” type surprises :stuck_out_tongue:

how do i assign the value from the colorpicker to the background color of the webpage??

This should do the trick as long as you can get the color value as a string (hex or CSS RGB)

ExecuteJavascript("'" + ColorValueAsString + "';")

i used StyleValueTD to set the background color using the following code. work great now since i have the Taylor Web Custom Controls

ssBG.StyleValueTD("background-color", "rgb(" + cstr(tRed) + "," + CStr(tGreen) + "," + CStr(tBlue) + ")")