Is there a checklist control?

By checklist, I mean, a scrolling list of checkboxes, and not a dropdown. I don’t find one, but the original of the project I am trying to re-build uses the VB checklist control two times. Am I stuck using an array of checkboxes instead, and manually placing them one at a time? Is there some intermediate solution I haven’t thought of? Can a checklist control be created somehow?

The ListBox has a checkbox column type, so you can have a grid (Microsoft terminology you seem comfortable with) offering a column of checkboxes, and others with regular text.

Thank you so much for the help. I was worried there for a bit. As I become more familiar with Xojo, I’m finding that it’s much more powerful, capable and complete than it appeared at first glance.

Kung Fu is all about applying power with elegance :wink:

I’m liking this. Once you begin to understand the basics of how the system is set up, it actually makes coding much easier by structuring things and enforcing that structure. Strongly typed, I think they call it. Power with elegance indeed.

The new framework further enhances this paradigm so that there won’t be those one-off exceptions to the language that will drive you crazy. Ex: Most things are zero based in Xojo (classic framework) but FolderItem.item and Recordset.IDXField are one based. Even after 15 years of doing this I still forget these on occasion - especially when I’m in a hurry.