Is SQLite safe to use in iOS ?

My app uses memory SQLite databases to filter some elements on display.

But it seems that if the query statement has some errors, the app will throw an exception and then crash although the code is wrapped in a


end try[/code]

Am I the only one to have this crash ?

Jrmie, I encountered and reported this early last year. It also affects regular (i.e. stored in files, not in memory) SQLite databases.


Thanks Tom.

This is a major issue for me. 250 new users were blocked in my app because of this today. So bad for a first impression

Wow. I’ve just given that some points.

Yup been my top point recipient for awhile! Needs to be fixed!

Added some points!
It happens only on a bad sqlSelect, an internal moveNext (probably to get the recordset content) is issued even if there was an exception.

Other exceptions on sqlite (execute) have not the same issue.