Is Public = Global ?

The top part of the image is owner by App, the bottom part is owned by a Method.

The question is: Are a Scope “Public” and “Global” the same (a.k.a. a typo) or are they different.

If the later, how difference they can be ?

No, Global != Public

Public accessible properties/methods that belong to a class must always be preceded by the object name (such as App)
Where as (and when you said owned by a method, I assume you meant Module) Global, if a method/property is associated with one, can be called without the module name, hence global scope. Any method/property that is associated with a class must always have the class name (when it’s a shared method/property) or an object of that specific type preceding it, such as myWindow.aMethodThatIsPartOfMySpecialWindow

where as if a method or property is in a module and has the scope set as global it can be referenced by MySpecialGlobalMethod or something to that effect.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Ach ! the image is not there !!!

Another attempt:

BTW: I meant App vs Module…

Eric Hoaglin has explained the difference between Globalvs. Public. App is not a Module, it is a global function returning an object. This object is an instance of Application (or WebApplication, ConsoleApplication, ServiceApplication), or an instance of a subclass of these.