Is "MobilePopupMessage.Durations.Short" customizable?

I would like to reduce the time of the “short” duration of the pop-up a little bit more as still too long for me.


Doc Ref
Is this possible ?

Hi @Lionel_M

Right now… that’s not possible. You can file a Feature Request for that if interested :wink:

If you talking about Android duration in native Kotlin apps you can not set duration in seconds.

The length of time to show the message. This can be either LENGTH_SHORT or LENGTH_LONG.

So @Javier_Menendez it’s not a good idea to file a Feature Request for Android App.

In Android OS is a part of the Accessibility setting. Each user can change the duration in their own settings

That’s put under iOS… so… :thinking:

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Snack bar is part of Android not of iOS :wink: so it may ba managed as Android :thinking:

ok, what about then :


  • Using 'custom" will override/do not care user settings ( Android ) , be just used for Ios
  • Still keep short and long for Android & Ios
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@Javier_Menendez are you ok with this ?
if so, I will create the feature request

You should just make the feature request without specifying how they should do it. It sometimes limits their ability to get it right.

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I have created a Feature request ( #72401) , more generic and referencing this thread

Nice feature request.
But I wish this bug was fixed first


Added to the list… :wink:

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It looks we have it working now… :wink:


Thanks for the new feature on custom duration ! I received notifications this WE !

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