Is listbox cell truncated?

Is it possible to know if the text in a listbox cell has been truncated and thus showing the ellipse? What I want to do is only show the cell help if the content of the cell has been truncated.

In CellTextPaint check the StringWidth of the cell contents and see if it’s longer than the column width.

override CELLDRAWTEXT and use DRAWSTRING with its width parameter

g.drawstring text,x,y,g.width,true

Thanks guys thats really helpful, gives me something to play with.

Dave, just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your LB Header class, I have added it to my project earlier today and been tweaking it for my needs. It works perfectly and is so easy to use.

see also

Thanks Christian for the examples, they have answered my next thought which was going to be about changing text colour :wink: