Is jQuery going away?

I just received an email from Froala saying they are moving away from jQuery from their next version.

[quote]At Froala, our mission is listening to our users’ needs and delivering high-quality releases that meet those needs—with this in mind, we’re delivering one last release to cater to our jQuery dependent users.
2.9.7 is a huge improvement for v2, bringing numerous critical bug fixes and performance enhancements—if you’re hesitant about jumping to the non-jQuery version, v2.9.7 is for you.[/quote]
I thought jQuery was the next big thing. I think CkEditor has made this move too. Is jQuery going away?

jQuery was the next big thing about 10 years ago. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s dying, just that it’s no longer as needed as it once was with the addition of many features to the JavaScript DOM spec. I doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon, it’s just not the required crutch it used to be,

Bootstrap 5 will be “JQueryless”. Yes, JQuery is dying, but it is a loong die. :smiley: So, don’t worry. Maybe in 5 years the technology behind Xojo Web changes (because JS changed and other lighter animation libs could do a better job than JQ at that time), but it will be just it, something changing, and if needed it could be extended few more years too.

Most things, included Xojo Web could go jQueryless now with the advances in the JS DOM spec. It would, however, take some reworking of code and would exclude the use of a number of worthwhile third-party libraries and components.

Just fix it, ship it, enhance it later. For light animations, keep an eye on

Well, jQuery is a lot more than animation. It provides a great deal of functionality to enhance DOM interaction and data handling.

Considered dead currently by many. That’s why they removed it from their packages and use the current, fast, not needing loading, native ones.

Let’s wait bootstrap 5. It will for sure give new ideas for next releases.

Yes, but that wasn’t always the case, and converting existing codebases is no small proposition considering the massive amount of code available that is drop-in useful with jQuery. It’s here, it’s not going away anytime soon, and there are plenty of good reasons to continue to use it for things like Xojo Web.

I’ll repeat myself, for now:

same could be said for Xojo code bases
there’s no lack of irony here

I would expect that software needing JQuery can detect whether it’s there and if needed load it dynamically.

It certainly can, but the proper way is to load your own and stash it in a variable so you don’t break things. noConflict:

if( typeof( myjQueryVariable ) == 'undefined') { if( typeof($) !== 'undefined') { window.myjQueryVariable = $.noConflict(); } }