Is it possible to sign a Xojo made Windows app from a USB token on a Mac?

So, I made a Windows app using Xojo. I have signed it on the Mac side no problem, but how about the Windows side? I have a USB token that contains a private key and public certificate.

Is it possible to sign it using this private key on my Mac from this USB token? My Windows machine totally died.

I mentioned the last time this came up that if someone has such a need, they can reach out privately to agree upon a contract to update ExeWrapper for hardware tokens. As it currently stands, I cannot justify the time investment for how few Xojo users actually want to pay for this.

You could use a VM too.

It’s been about a year since I used this, but here’s a Java implementation we used…

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Thanks for pointing it out. How painful is it to make this work?

IIRC, the hardest part was getting the token into AWS.