is it possible add controls dynamically to webContainer

i have try to create e new WebContainer (name wcA)
how can i dynamically add a lot of webTextfield to wcA ???
i have tried to :

put webTextfield (name wTxt1) in wcA (webContainer) then i write this code in event
dim newTxt as new wTxt1
but this produce an error

then i have tried to made a class with super WebTextField named txtClass1
in i have put this code
dim newTxt as new txtClass1
but this produce another error

You can’t create regular controls from nothing. You will need to create a “template” control on the container as a control set (in the IDE). Then you can create additional copies of that control and place them wherever you want - no embedwithin needed (nor valid). The template control can be hidden, or just out of sight by being off the container (negative Left or Top).

Of course, if you already know which controls you need and how many, you can just design them on the container. Then they are already there when you create a new copy of the container.

Again, another simple solution exists, but has been suppressed. Would love to share but “am not allowed.” This solution sits on a shelf…

Not without hacking the client side framework and introducing lord knows what issues (which people have done then reported it as a bug in our product)

That’s just one reason we ask folks not to do it

You can create controls from “nothing” by wrapping them in a container (it seems like most web apps I’m hearing about are nothing but embedded containers). Just pass through the methods and events you’re using.