Is final build result the same regardless of which OS it's built on?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this but wanted to ask anyway and confirm.

If I build a project for Windows on a Windows Box and then build the same project from a Mac targeting Windows, will the final build be identical? I’d hope it doesn’t matter, and guessing that’s the case.

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You can try to build from both and compare a hash to verify.

You can’t actually. Each build burns in time stamp info.

I’m not concerned about the files being exactly the same, I’m more curious as to if there would be any functionality or appearance differences depending on where it was built. I’ve not seen anything to be worried about. I do see sometimes control placement can look fine on the Mac but need to be adjusted slightly for proper appearance on Linux. That’s not a big deal. Just wondering what others know about this. :smiley: