Irregular error when debugging WE app

Every now and then I get the following error thrown at me when I debug a WE project.
Sometimes it’s raised 1-3 times in a row and then suddenly it works again.

Any ideas what may cause it?

Xojo 2013r3.3
Mac OS X 10.9.2

hmm, seems to work better with Firefox as my primary browser.

I had that error when I was accessing a MySQL database VERY frequently - it was a MySQL error, not Xojo or plugin.

hmm, ok. It does connect to a MySQL database and it’s done through a tunnel. Maybe that has something to do with it.
Seems to work better with Firefox. Don’t see why it should though. :slight_smile:

Are you using one MySQL connection per Web Edition Session? On surface, it sounds like a thread-safety issue. If you were sharing a single connection to MySQL without, for example, a CriticalSection protecting the resource, you could run into this kind of thing easily and sporadically.

If you have the MBS complete package, you might also look at Christian’s database API. It’s a little different, but he’s got a widely used bridge under the hood. I’m seeing more developers go that route lately with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

It’s one db connection per session :slight_smile:
Nope, don’t have the complete MBS package.

The connection to the MySQL server is done through an SSH Tunnel. Could that be causing it?

[quote=85547:@Albin Kiland]The connection to the MySQL server is done through an SSH Tunnel. Could that be causing it?

You could certainly try it without and see if the problem goes away. That error message suggests to me that the plugin might be releasing a string incorrectly, and eventually the runtime notices. I don’t see any subsequent release notes that indicate a fix.

Thankx Brad. The only port open to the server is an SSH port for security reasons and the DB server is setup not to listen to anything else than localhost. I’ll need to setup another server to see of I see the same thing :slight_smile:

Alternatively… you might have a query or a result set that’s exposing a problem in the database plugin. If your app is amenable, try commenting out all queries and adding them back in one at a time until you expose the problem. If you work with BLOBs, you might start there first, as it’s really easy to screw up with them when writing a database plugin with the Xojo Database API.