Irish Xojo Developers (IXD)

Earlier this year I created a Google Group to discuss the formation of a user group for Irish developers.

This group is now called Irish Xojo Developers (IXD) - if you were a member of the Irish Real Studio Users group you don’t have to rejoin as I’ve simply renamed it.

We have about 10 members but I’m sure there are other Irish Xojo developers out there. Please join us and say hi! At the moment it is an exercise in discovering and networking with likeminded Irish developers.

The group can be found at:


PS For the purposes of this group, I’m using Ireland in the geographical sense, not political - developers from all over the island are very welcome.

Gavin I’m a bit disappointed. Did you know in NZ we celebrate St Pat’s day for an entire week? Did you know we brew the best Guiness outside of Ireland? So why exclude us?

It also helps that we’re almost bang on the wrong side of the world to you, so if you had your group on Google Plus we could attend in our morning - bit early for a beer though!

Hi Gavin, how did you go about changing the old group name to the new one??

It seems like most of the world celebrates St Pat’s in a bigger style than Ireland does :wink:

When viewing your Group: select “Manage” (from the right hand side where it shows Tags, Manage, Members, About) and then “Information” at the bottom left hand corner. You can then modify the name and the address of the group, without affecting your members.

i guess it can be change only for administrator

Am I invited?