iPhone X series Back Button

I have been doing some app testing and have found that the X series of phone Back button can’t be accessed when the keyboard is activated if a Textarea is being used. Anyone else seen this or have a workaround?

Can you please be more specific?
Is the back button hidden, or it just doesn’t respond to a tap?

I don’t see such a problem in my apps.

Hi Jeremie,

Here are a couple of screenshots



In the second shot you can see there is no way to remove the keyboard and the view has slid up over the top menu controls.

Hi Martin. Yes this happens using Xojo’s iOSTable control. The only solution I’ve found if wanting to use a table is @Antonio Rinaldi 's iOSTableViewExtended which has a solution for this problem. As it says on the box:

Here’s my Feedback on this, reported over three years ago: <https://xojo.com/issue/47611>

Thanks Jason.
It works ok on iPad as the keyboard has a button to dispose of the keyboard when finished and the view returns to normal.

I know it won’t really help but Just cause I’m curious: will the button to dispose of the keyboard appear when you switch to the number layout by pushing the “123” button on the bottom left?

Hi Christoph,
No that doesn’t help. But I found that if you touch anywhere outside the textarea it resets the view back to normal.

I think the solution for this is the following view hierarchy:

iOSView only has one control from top to bottom: iOSScrollableArea
Place all controls in a ContainerControl
Set the container as the content of the scrollable area.

This way when the keyboard appears, the scrollable area should auto-scroll the content.

Will give it a try :slight_smile: