IPC Socket IsConnected Isn't Working After Connect

I have two services that need to chat with one another occasionally. They are friends and want to share data.

Here’s the thing. I want the Connect side service to establish the connection on startup and verify it is connected, logging the result to a file in the event there are issues. So just after I issue the .Connect command I test for connection with .IsConnected. And behold - it’s always false.

If I then send a small message to the Listener the socket shows as connected.

Is this by design or is this an infuriating tiny oversight that has vexed me this afternoon? Is there a better way to test for connectivity? Why is Brittany free but good advice is not?

What happens if you wait in a loop for IsConnected to become true?

Do Until myIPCSocket.IsConnected
' proceed

Infinite loop. I just decided to send a “HELLO!” over the connection with a pair of Flush commands (one doesn’t seem to cut it) and then test.

“Connected” event is fired when the connection is established. So maybe continue there.