iPadScreen - Change Content at Runtime

I’ve got Split Views with Tabs working for the iPad version of my app but I think what I really want is a regular Tabs view (iPadScreen Content = Tabs) so that all my tabs are across the bottom of the app (like they are in my iPhone version) rather than in the left part of the split view but then I’d like to switch to a Split view (iPadScreen Content = Split) at runtime depending on which tab a user taps.

You can see this sort of thing in action within Apple’s Podcast app on an iPad:

But even if it was possible to set the Content property of a screen at runtime in Xojo, the effect of changing the Content property to Split would be to remove the tabs from the bottom of the view which is not what I want.

So it looks as though I have to design special Views for my iPad version which “fake” the master/detail split on certain tabs in order to accomplish something like this but, before I do that, I just wanted a sanity-check in case I was missing something obvious. :slight_smile: