Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I spent the better part of tonight building a reusable IP Address container.

If anyone would find it useful, you can get more info and download at http://beta.prodcastsoftware.com/2016/04/ipaddressfield-for-xojo.html

Looks nice Christian but the link is bad.

Thanks Peter, give it a try now.

GPL though ?

I used GPL because it’s one I’m familiar with and already had all the templates for. For all intents and purposes it’s free to use, modify, whatever. I’ve learned to always stick a license on there for liability reasons, so if you know a better one I’d be happy to change it.

This is just my opinion BUT …

GPL means that if I use it I am required to open source my app.
While GPL talks a lot of “permitting” … users who wish to help each other to share their bug fixes and improvements with other users. it’s not “permissive” - its an absolute requirement (hence why there are so many FAQs about what to do if you find license violations)

Personally BSD, or one of its many derivatives, are preferable
And they’re way shorter - like the FreeBSD license which is 3 short paragraphs

Updated to v 1.0.1 with the fixes below and also new properties added for colors and fonts.

@jean-paul devulder This was initially by design, but in retrospect it was a bad design. Fixed.

@Norman Palardy This looks good, I have updated the project to use the FreeBSD license.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Is it possible to resize the control. I tried to make the control smaller in size and after compilation it will not work.

Glad you saw fit to do this

Make sure you let Dana & Paul know and they can send an announcement and also make sure it gets listed in third party add ons

Version 1.0.4 is now up.

@Sunil Abraham Resizing should be fixed. The control will now dynamically size however big you need it. Added a new .AutoScaleText property that will scale the fonts proportionally when the control is resized. You’ll probably want to set it False if you’re using RubberViews as I’m sure their font-scaling algorithm is better than mine.

@jean-paul devulder This is also fixed.


I have also added a download link for just the icon (in Windows .ico, OS X .icns and .png formats). When putting the sample project together I struggled to find a quality high-dpi icon related to IP Addresses, so I whipped this one together. Feel free to use it in your UI’s.