IP4 textfield

Before the thread got so rudely locked I wanted to ask about the systems the two of you are using. I noticed big differences in Xojo’s text handling between Mac and Win that would explain what you are seeing.

And guys, calm down. If someone says it works for him and it doesn’t for you, then check the other parameters.

And for heavens sake, switch to decaf … :wink:

I may need to go for a walk and talk to the birds for a bit…but… I mean… whats with that guy? I was just trying to post a solution to a problem I had and he would not stop… Am I crazy or what…why did he keep pushing my buttons? I swear…

Im on windows, I tried his code, it did not work…maybe hes on mac or linux… that could be the difference.

I also tried the thing you posted, it seemed to work fine on windows… what os are you on?

If you are here a bit longer then you’ll learn that

  • Dave is a really helpful guy (I’m normally not. Learning to program means to think about problems, so I might point you in the right direction, but I normally won’t post copy/paste ready code. I just did post code for two questions because I was on a long train ride, and not even a “Thank you” from either guy … teaches me to not spend so much time on other people’s problems).
  • sometimes what you mean is not what you actually write (for example it wasn’t clear to me either that you just wanted to share your solution)
  • if someone goes to the trouble of trying to help then a simple “Thank you” or “Thanks, but it is not working for me. What’s your system?” is appreciated.
  • Remember: NOBODY here is paid for helping
  • Everyone has the RIGHT to be offended, but there’s no obligation.
  • people everywhere make progress by discussion and putting the best bits together, not by being right.

Yes, I was just posting the code so that others might see it and use it if they needed it… I didn’t ask for help and there was no question in the post…

I agree Dave seems helpful, judging from his post history he is a knowledgeable and very helpful fellow.

I couldn’t figure out why he kept posting these code snippets as “a better way to do it” when they didn’t even work, had obvious errors in them, and I wasn’t requesting help.

I will just say “Thanks” from now on and leave it at that.

Well, people usually post questions, and as some don’t speak very much English Dave’s and my assumption was that you wanted help with your code.

Which brings me back to:

[quote]Change Mask property to #99.#99.#99.#99

The mask # property means it HAS to be a number
The mask 9 property means it CAN be a number (but can be blank)[/quote]

Funnily enough I thought the mask should be 99#.99#.99#.99# (not at my computer), but I’ll have to try that.

I stumbled onto big differences between macOS and Windows when I made a Numbers Only Field. If I recall correctly inserting a character in code or via paste put the cursor AFTER the character on my Mac, but BEFORE the character on Windows. Drove me nuts. But again, need to check tomorrow,

maybe its backwards for a mac… i have seen crazier things hah. If you do test it let me know if indeed it needs to be reversed.

From your initial post in your last thread, there was no context of intent of what you were trying to do. You kinda of just jumped in with a list and code snippet and said here.

anywho… thank you for contributing your code to the community.

Yes, I didn’t realize it would cause so much confusion. I have requested it be deleted, and I will post a clearer version, without all the drama.

@Markus Winter I tested my code on Mac and it works the same as windows so the order of the mask seems correct.