ip public nothing like before xojo


with realbasic I was using networkinterface to find IPpublic for listening in server mode.
I get my ippublic from site web and compare witch networkinterface have it.

but now, only ip local is here on networkinterface…

all my old programs don’t works…
I don’t understand what append with xojo

I don’t know what you were using before, but I use Ipify.org.

your link is dead sorry

My problem is not to know my IP Public, but to start a server and listening, nobody can’t find me
it is very strange
my game works around the world… and was works perfectly under reabasic.
Now I compile with xojo, no change for the tcpsocket… but nothing works.
Only message error 103 client.

in my game each player can be a server ( 4 players ) or just client.
firewall is ok, port are open etc
but in server mode…no message, no error, nothing append

The link is www.ipify.org . The forum software changes words with embedded dots to a link - just like yours above.

How do the clients find the server?

Each client retreive ip server throught http.
Each player is connected on php page who send back each ip public of each player.
One player create a game… So is now server for his game
The other player can connect to this player via ip public and specific port
Like a chat or server/client application
I don’t understand what is the problem

When the game is created is the data correct on the PHP site?

Yes it is correct, i have verify with other site to have ip public.
I did test myself with friends
My ip public was in example
I create server and listening with this address and port 4015
The client try to connect on my server on this ip and same port
Nobody can find me
Thats was works fine under realbasic
I lost my brain

Asking the same question twice doesn’t change the answers.


No twice sorry, first question is on my network…second question is around the world… Test canada france and belgium

As said in the other thread - read up on NAT and port forwarding. This is a basic networking issue, not a RealBasic/Xojo issue.

So why did it work on RB, but not on Xojo? It is probably a port forwarding issue, but the OP is adamant that this worked using Realbasic.

If so, maybe he could elaborate on his network NAT and or port forwarding setup. Only if that is all set up correctly would it make sense to look at the RB/Xojo difference. My nose tells me something changed network-wise that is causing the issue, if it did work originally.

I agree, but I felt it was worth a few more questions. Let’s see how he responds. English is obviously not his first language, so we can try a little harder to understand.

Would it be possible that he also changed the hardware configuration has changed cocommitally with the RB -> Xojo change ?

thanks Wayne for your comprehension.
I’m not speak english but for I do my best for understand.
thanks also for other people try to help me.
I will investigate with NAT forwarding… may me re-write code.