iosView.Handle vs. iOSView.ViewControllerHandle?

What’s the difference between both? I checked them on some views and they returned the identical values. They have the same description in LR too …

I saw the same thing on a project I am working on.

With a couple declares you can get the Obj-C class for each of the Handles:

  • aCanvas.Handle is of class XOJCanvasView, which seems to be a sub-class of UIView
  • aView.ViewControlerHandle is of class XOJViewControler, which makes sense
  • aView.Handle is also of class XOJViewControler, as you noticed, its the same Ptr returned by ViewControlerHandle

I would have expected aView.Handle to return a pointer to a UIView sub-class, as the Handle method does for an iOSCanvas.

UIViewControlers have a view: method so you can get the UIView you need if you are using declares.
If you are not living in declare land then you probably don’t need either Handle.

Feedback #37447 - iOSView.Handle returns a Ptr to a XOJViewControler