Hi All,

I switched to the new version of XOJO and have a problem with a “cellData = New iOSTableCellData”.?
Can You help me please?

Dim cellData As iOSTableCellData
For Each name As Text In names

cellData = New iOSTableCellData -> error (cellData = GetTestView1(currentView).Table2.CreateCell -> doesn’t work too)
cellData.Text = name
?if result = 2 then?
cellData.DetailText = m1
?End If?
cellData.AccessoryType = iOSTableCellData.AccessoryTypes.Disclosure??GetTestView1(currentView).Table2.AddRow(0,cellData)?

Thank You!

Xojo 2016r2 made a few changes to iOS features. In particular, you can no longer do “New iOSTableCellData” and instead need to use the CreateCell method on iOSTable.

More information and examples are here: