iOSTable and Selection Lists

Extract from the iOS LR :
“You use a checkmark when a touch on a row results in the selection of that item. This kind of table view is known as a selection list, and it is analogous to a pop-up list. Selection lists can limit selections to one row, or they can allow multiple rows with checkmarks.”

Ok, so, how do I handle the Selection lists to limit selection to only one row ?


bump… I have the same question.

On iosTable using checkmarks, how do you limit it so only one cell is checked? The documentation implies there is a setting so that only one row is checked at a time.


You would remove the checkmark for the other rows before you set it for the selected row. In iOSTable.Action event handler you could do something like this:

  // Clear all checkmarks except for the current section/row
  For s As Integer = 0 To Me.SectionCount - 1
    For r As Integer = 0 To Me.RowCount(s) - 1
      If Not (section = s And row = r) Then
        If Me.RowData(s, r).AccessoryType = iOSTableCellData.AccessoryTypes.Checkmark Then
          Me.RowData(s, r).AccessoryType = iOSTableCellData.AccessoryTypes.None
          Me.ReloadRow(s, r)
        End If
      End If