iOSTable AccessoryAction Help

I hope I am putting this in the right forum.
I am working with IOSTable

I am looking for example code for the AccessoryAction
So far I have only been able to trigger the table Action. What am I missing?

I have populated the table with the following code:

[code] Dim cellData As iOSTableCellData

For section As Integer = 1 To 5
Dim s As Integer = CompleteDrillList.AddSection("Section " + section.ToText)
For row As Integer = 1 To 5
cellData = New iOSTableCellData
cellData.Text = "Line " + row.ToText
cellData.DetailText = “Details”
cellData.AccessoryType = iOSTableCellData.AccessoryTypes.Disclosure
CompleteDrillList.AddRow(s, cellData)

But when I click on the disclosure bracket, only the Action Event is fired. If I delete the Action event, I get nothing.

Any ideas?

I am looking to have an action for when the user selects a row and a different action for when they select the discovery icon.


Sorry to bump an old thread but @Scott Novis did you ever find a solution to this? I can’t make AccessoryAction fire either?

Are you touching the arrow or just the row?

When I define both an Action event and an AccessoryAction event for a table, and one of the rows has an accessory (such as a disclosure button), the AccessoryAction event is never triggered regardless of where I tap on the row - whether I tap on the arrow or elsewhere on the row - but the Action event is always triggered.

Only the Detail accessory type can actually accept touches. So that is the only one that will call iOSTable.AccessoryAction. At least that is how I interpret UITableViewCell. I’ve updated our doc pages.