iOSSwitch animates more quickly in an iOSCustomTableCell?

When I add an iOSSwitch to an iOSCustomTableCell, and use the iOSCustomTableCell in an iOSTable, and tap the switch, it doesn’t animate nicely like switches do in tables in other parts of iOS such as in Settings. It just changes from true to false (and back) fairly quickly.

When I add an iOSSwitch to a regular iOSView, it animates like other switches in iOS.

Is there a way to make the switch animate like other switches in iOS when used in an iOSCustomTableCell?

Sounds like a bug. File a report.

I just check in my iOS app and the switch animates correctly.

My implementation:

Switch isn’t added by code to the CustomTableCell. It was dragged from the library in Xojo layout editor.
Cell has no Accessory
Table is grouped
Using iOS 10.3 beta on simulator and on iPad.

Mine is setup the same way - added in the IDE, not by code, cell has no accessory, grouped table, but it doesn’t animate properly. It animates, but very quickly, which is different to how switches usually animate.

Here’s how an iOSSwitch animates in an iOSCustomTableCell:

Here’s how an iOSSwitch animates in an iOSView: