iOSSegmented Control: icons incorrect?

I have 4 images in my project
I have a segmented control on a view, and it has 4 segments
In the design window (and latterly in the ‘open’ event), I assign a different icon to each segment

yet at run time, all 4 segments display the same icon
Is this a known bug, as I cannot imagine what I could have done incorrectly given how easy it is to assign these…

Could you share the code you use to set the icons in the Open event?

There are 4 segments
What appears on screen on all the segments is the image associated with item(2) at design stage

In the Open() event , I tried this:

self.segment1.Item(0).Icon = img_shop self.segment1.Item(1).Icon = img_tick

But it didnt change anything, and it didnt report an error
The images are part of the project, dragged in from disc like all my other images

When I setup SegmentedControl by code I usually create the items from scratch:

[code]Segment1.RemoveAll //Remove all items

Dim seg As iOSSegmentedControlItem

seg = new iOSSegmentedControlItem
seg.Icon = img_shop

seg = New iOSSegmentedControlItem
seg.Icon = img_tick

Segment1.Item(0).Selected = True[/code]

I do not remember why I create them from scratch, maybe I discovered the same bug as you two/three years ago.